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Android Devices

  • LMMS application will run on Android Version 7.0 suported devices; Mobile Phones, Tablet or Phablets
  • NFC capable devices required for voucher delivery through NFC cards (if chosen as delivery means)
  • Android OEM agnostic
  • Also used to scan barcodes on cards for In Kind Distribution tracking, and Paper Voucher

Card Printer

  • FARGO DTC1250e ID
  • Direct to Card Printer & Encoder
  • Dual Sided printing
  • For printing beneficiary ration ID cards, can print on EMV and NFC encoded cards
    NFC – Near Field Communication
    EMV – Europay, Mastercard and Visa

Receipt Printer

  • Portable Bluetooth interface laser technology printer
  • Used with LMMS E-Voucher by vendors/merchants to print transaction summaries/receipts for program beneficiaries
  • Simple connection with Android devices, easy management by merchants/vendors
  • Prints high resolution receipts at high speed
  • Rechargeable battery

NFC Cards

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication
  • Allows the card to simply touch the phone for the LMMS application to recognize it and bring up the information
  • Contactless interface without requiring the card to be touched

Server Specifications

  • Cloud or on-premise hosting
  • Min 24GB RAM
  • 8 Core processor
  • Min 500GB storage
  • OS Linux (virtualization supported)