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Last Mile Mobile Solutions, LMMS E-Voucher solution provides the ability to deliver cash programmes to beneficiaries through transfer of electronic vouchers, enabling full end-to-end digitalized tracking of transactions, and thereby increasing security of the transfers, value and dignity to the beneficiaries. E-Voucher also enables organizations distributing aid to attend the demand of the Humanitarian Aid sector towards Cash Distribution.

E-Voucher Solution

Electronic Voucher – Online and Fully Offline modes

The delivery mechanism works by establishing a network of merchants and vendors, who are included in the project, to provide an infrastructure for purchasing and tracking of all the commodity purchases made by the beneficiaries from the vendors.

E-voucher provides:

  • Cash distribution via specific goods defined by the donor
  • Contributes to the sustainability of the local markets
  • Provides donors data insights and analytics to drive program improvement
  • Delivers dignity to the beneficiary allowing them to purchase their items

Online System includes the following stages:

  • Beneficiary Registration & Voucher Disbursement
  • Project creation and management by the agency heading the project
  • Merchant and Vendor Application into the project
  • Merchant and Vendor Payment on an agreed schedule

Offline System includes the following stages:

  • Offline capability allows merchants to serve beneficiaries in areas of no connectivity
  • Field officers can synchronize data during merchant monitoring visits
  • Data is downloaded during synchronizing, and later uploaded onto the online server
  • The technology uses contactless NFC cards to deliver electronic vouchers to the beneficiaries.