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When LMMS is used in multiple projects in the same country, it has the ability to show the comprehensive level of support to households benefiting from multiple projects or multiple interventions under the same project, including dashboard for multi-agency collaboration.

Within this solution, LMMS has the following specific modules:

  • Food or Non-Food Items (NFIs) distribution
  • Targeted Feeding Interventions
  • Conditional Aid (food for work, training, etc.)
  • Unconditional Aid (General Distribution)
  • Cash based programming
  • Multi-agency Capabilities
  • Registration & Targeting
    • Online Registration
    • Offline Registration
  • Segmented Reporting
  • Complete Distribution View

When using the above modules, the agencies are able to avoid:

  • Repeat registration across multiple agencies
  • Double dipping
  • Fraud across agency registration systems

We registered over 200,000 people with LMMS and now we can work easily with any organizations coming here to our country, we avoid duplication, and can assist refugees and displaced people according to their needs.

Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs official