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LMMS is constantly enhancing features and capabilities to provide a better experience for both organizations and beneficiaries.
Our most recent update is to the LMMS E-Voucher Solution, used in Cash Based Programming, it provides a closed loop solution where actual cash does not exchange hands until the moment the organization initiates payment to the merchant.

Its recent enhancement has added new features including the ability to eliminate the use of a card.

New Features and Enhancements

  • SMS Vouchers
  • Merchant Receipt Printers
  • Product Returns & Refunds
  • Multi-Wallets

SMS Vouchers   

new feature

LMMS is now able to deliver value vouchers through text messaging – a function that can also be utilized with Feature phones! The significant benefit of this new addition is the fact that you do not have to provide LMMS cards. The mobile phones can basically be used as a delivery medium for vouchers combined with any local government identification.

The SMS messages will work with any mobile service provider, a function that will also significantly reduce implementation cost, as beneficiaries can use their own devices regardless of the cellular service provider. The implementing agency does not need to provide any equipment or additional identity instruments so long as all beneficiaries within the target population have mobile phones with a functional cellular signal.

When an allocation is made, the beneficiaries receive a text message notification that their accounts have been credited.

The feature will also allow the beneficiaries to view a complete catalog of items available for “purchase” when they visit a merchant store to redeem their vouchers. Transactions are processed by entering a security code and sending that via a text message for transaction processing. All transactions are logged for reporting, merchant payment, and other audit and accountability purposes. There is a complete trail and detailed report of what the vouchers have been redeemed for. Merchants receive a text message from the system summarizing the details of the transaction.



Merchant Receipt Printers

new feature


When a beneficiary redeems their voucher at a merchant store, the merchant can print a receipt for the beneficiary to keep as evidence of their transactions.

The printer connects to the Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) using simple wireless technology. Once paired, the merchant will be able to seamlessly run both devices as they continue to serve beneficiaries and print receipts for those who need them.

Product Returns & Refunds

new feature


Should customers choose to return an item purchased, the LMMS Electronic Voucher System enables them to work with merchants to register return items and get refunds in case substitute items are unavailable.
note LMMS, as a system does not have a product return/refund policy, and such return/refund interactions should be part of your program design permissions and handled between merchants and beneficiaries, and optionally facilitated by agency programming staff where necessary.

Products may be returned due to spoilage or other reasons. The system will provide the ability to capture such reasons when the transaction is captured in the system.

This will particularly benefit Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) type work associated with program implementation down the road. If products are commonly returned for a particular merchant, it’s probably an issue the agency would need to deal with to understand why such events are common with a particular vendor.



new feature
The initial offering of E-Voucher (EVS) only supported one project enrollment for each beneficiary, which was very limiting from a program implementation perspective. The multi-wallet feature enables programs to deliver allocations through the same account on different wallets – programs can now deliver a WASH voucher, Education voucher, Livelihoods voucher, and any sector desired, using the same account for their beneficiaries.

This also means that value vouchers, commodity vouchers, as well as restricted commodity vouchers can be delivered through the same beneficiary account and can be redeemed at the same merchant visit in case the merchant is serving all the subject projects.

The LMMS technology works for the sector because of its ability to function offline in remote locations with or without limited internet connection, telephone access and no electricity.

For more information on LMMS E-Voucher please visit our page or contact us.