Last Mile Mobile Solutions® - LMMS Solutions

  • Registering Beneficiaries
  • Creating digital identifications, printing identity cards
  • Register Household or Individual level
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  • Last Mile Inventory Management System
  • Targeted Feeding Distribution
  • Conditional Aid (food for work, training, etc.)
  • Unconditional Aid (General Distribution)
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  • E-Voucher  – Electronic Voucher, Multi wallet
  • E-Cash
  • Paper Voucher
  • FSP Integration, Mobile Money Integration, Prepaid Card, Cash in hand
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  • Activity Tracking – Cash for Asset/food/work
  • Digitally track activity
  • Cash for Work (CfW), Food for Work (FfW), Aid for Work (AfW), other
  • Efficient and accurate tracking with reporting
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  • Training Attendance – Digital Tracking
  • Facilitators scan unique barcode to track attendance
  • Used in Schools, Community Training, Wash Training, Pre-natal classes, other
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  • Activity Tracking – Cash for Asset/food/work
  • Training Attendance – Tracking
  • Flexible Forms – integration with Kobo ToolBox; assessments, questionnaires, criteria based selection, etc.
  • Post Distribution Monitoring, Surveys
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  • Tracks shipments of In Kind, GIK and other from main warehouse to all other destinations, warehouses, communities and final distribution point (FDP)
  • Signature required for receipt at every point
  • Online accessible reporting
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  • Dashboards and Customized Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Analytical Info
  • Data Visualization
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LMMS Overview Video