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LMMS provides the ability to deliver activities and training to beneficiaries, and digitally track every aspect directly on your LMMS phone application, offering a paper-free approach. This can be done online or offline, and provides all of the reporting required for audit trails and a quick dashboard review of your outcomes. This digital approach provides transparency to the beneficiary and donor and offers value and dignity to the beneficiaries.

In Activity Tracking you may digitally track:

This function allows you to digitally track:

  • Site activities for Aid for Work (AFW), including Cash and Food for Work, and
    Project sites work
  • Any form of education or training including vocational training, health, and nutrition,
    school attendance and wet feeding, School feeding, young adult education,
    livelihood programs, agricultural training, shelter building classes, expectant
    mothers, soup kitchen, Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS), etc.
  • Activity Tracking provides reporting and documentation including:
  • Activity Sites and location, facilitator names, Session details (period, site,
    participants), and allows custom labels adapted to fit activity context.

In Attendance Tracking

Tracking participation through digital means, facilitators and other activity staff can scan a barcode to track attendance at
the training location.

  • Offline and Online capability, Data is synchronized to your program servers when back online for full viewing.
  • Use of Android phones, allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept, the application is installed on supported Android devices from the user community without requiring procurement of new devices.
  • Tracks both session participant attendance, as well as the facilitators.
  • Attendance tracking can also be used on Aid-for-Work projects replacing manual worksheet method improving efficiency and accuracy of work Attendance Tracking.

Using the above modules, the agencies gain:

  • Insight into attendance and participation in Activities and Training
  • Increased efficiency in reporting attendance and sharing reports
  • Reduced fraud of claimed participation
  • Fraud across agency registration systems

Through community partnership and training, beneficiaries gain knowledge for self-sustainable growth.  Using LMMS allows you to have an overview of the population you are serving and identify projects to increase impact.