Imagine having lost everything and being able to receive a card that digitally tracks your participation in work activities and in rebuilding the community.


LMMS provides the ability to track all households or beneficiaries that are part of a specific activity. You can define the activity measurement in hours, meters, kilometers and other. As participants arrive they scan their LMMS card, and once again when the workday is over.

Reporting shows the work completed and you can connect your outcomes according to your program design. Tracking works online or offline, and provides all of the reporting required for audit trails, and a quick dashboard review of your outcomes.


Cash for Work

Food for Work (FFW)

Aid for Work (AFW)

This function allows you to digitally track, report and document activities including:

  • Improves efficiency and accuracy of tracking
  • Project sites work
  • Provides reporting and documentation
  • Reporting with Activity Sites, location, etc.
  • Allows custom labels adapted to fit activity context