Distribution In Kind

Distribution: In Kind and Inventory Management Solution

Imagine having lost everything and worrying about getting the right rations for our family size, and specific needs of the women, children and others

Distribution In Kind,LMMS Solutions

LMMS manages In Kind Distribution and ration calculation for in-kind and cash with a one-button click, which is done based on the setup of the project in the system. In-kind rations can be calculated based on the amount of work completed for cash or food for work, household size, or the vulnerability for health and nutrition targeted interventions. The system provides a summary report for the household quantities and summary figures for a requisition from warehouses.

Distribution real-time inventory tracking and reporting is done on-site during actual distributions. The system tracks all increasing or decreasing transactions to the underlying stock, giving field staff clear insights into the number of households served at any point, and inventory quantities remaining on site.

During a distribution event, cards are scanned to look up the beneficiaries for verification. A household can view the details of the ration quantities for the day before they proceed to the collection or sharing area. Proxies are registered on-site for households that are not able to collect their rations for the day. 

Reports can be generated on-site or later in the office after the distribution exercise.

Inventory remaining on-site can be registered for shipment back to the warehouse. All distribution events including stock movement between sites are logged electronically for a complete reporting process.

LMMS reporting can show the comprehensive level of support to households benefiting from multiple projects and interventions under the same project.


During last mile distribution, beneficiary assistance cards are scanned to determine eligibility and individuals are visually matched using photos stored in the database. Multiple projects in the same country can benefit from the LMMS multi-agency collaboration features and dashboards.

Within this solution, LMMS has many features:

  • Material items (NFI) distribution
  • Targeted Feeding Distribution
  • Conditional Aid (Food for Work, Training, etc.)
  • Unconditional Aid (General Distribution)
  • Material entitlements and commodity rations are automatically calculated for distribution planning
  • Physical inventory can be tracked in real-time as commodities are distributed
  • Reporting is available in near real-time
  • Real-time inventory management and tracking of commodities during distribution

Additional features allow tracking and distribution in sectors:

  • Health monitoring – efficacy of interventions using key nutritional indicators
  • Education – tracking of individual students, programmes reporting, attendance, progress, and graduation
  • Agricultural – farmers receive seeds, tools, training, education, tracking outcomes, and identifying areas for future programme focus