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LMMS is a stand-alone technology solution developed by World Vision in  collaboration with the IT industry. It combines software applications with custom hardware to digitize (and simplify) beneficiary registration, verification, distribution planning and management, monitoring and reporting with the ability to integrate with third party applications.

The ‘last mile’ is the critical stage of humanitarian aid delivery where essential supplies reach the people most affected by disasters. LMMS improves remote data collection, helps manage aid recipients, enables faster and fairer aid distributions and delivers rapid reporting to aid workers.

Early collaboration with private-sector partners such as Field Worker and Intermec helped bring our vision to life, and pilot projects and feedback from early-adopters have helped us refine it.

Aid recipients are accurately tracked. Rations and supplies are calculated and distributed with precision. Web-generated reports are immediately available for donors and stakeholders at the close of key operational activities such as distribution of humanitarian relief aid. Through automation, LMMS helps to solve operational issues that affect aid delivery: long wait times for aid recipients, fraud or errors in allocations to families, and inaccurate reporting or tracking of supplies and inventory.

LMMS registers approximately 5 million beneficiaries a year and has been deployed in over 30 countries by over a dozen different humanitarian agencies.