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Last Mile Mobile Solutions, LMMS provides your organization with the data required to create organizational dashboards and donor reporting. Custom built reports and analytics strengthen your decision making process and enable future programs to be enhanced. Project reports provide progress and donor transparency, track partnership goals, outline efficiency, and increase recurring donor funding.


Insights and Analytics provide transparency and information, empowering your organization to make decisions that are impactful and provide maximum beneficiary assistance. Dashboards and reports will provide different levels of aggregation, enabling data to be used by different stakeholders including: coordination bodies, working groups, government, community leaders, donors, fundraisers, country offices, and other.

Data Collection Solution

  • Flexible, customisable digital forms for assessments, surveys,
    monitoring, attendance tracking, etc.
  • Flexible field data collection tools, easily customisable, working
    online and offline
  • Inventory management insights, monitoring information
  • Progress and discrepancies
  • Data can be automatically consolidated into project reports or
    project indicator tracking tables
  • Dashboards can display: global, country, multi-country, project
    listing, project type and other

Analytics & Visualisation

  • Customised project or programme reports
  • Interactive, dynamic, dashboards
  • Customised complex analysis

LMMS recognises the value of data and information; we also recognise each organisation has their own information systems and project management methods. Therefore, we have developed highly customisable reporting and analytic processes to provide your organisation with organisational appropriate dynamic dashboards and donor reporting.