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Last Mile Mobile Solutions® (LMMS) is a technology solution designed to strengthen efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in humanitarian service delivery. LMMS improves remote data collection, helps better management of aid recipients, enables faster and fairer aid distributions and delivers rapid reporting functionality to aid workers.

LMMS in Iraq Dohuk

“LMMS has helped us avoid duplication as work with over 700,000 people, and we can now work easily with any organization coming here.” – Vice Governor of Duhok Governorate

About LMMS

LMMS is a stand-alone technology solution developed by World Vision in collaboration with the IT industry. It combines software applications with custom hardware to digitize (and simplify) beneficiary registration, verification, distribution planning and management, monitoring and reporting with the ability to integrate with third party applications.

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Strengthening Cash Based Programming in Bangladesh

A project aimed at assessing innovative solutions implementing Cash and Voucher Programme (CVP) and improving CVP monitoring capacity in hard-to-reach areas by establishing a system or modality chose LMMS Cash Distribution to deliver an easy to use intuitive solution.


Why not digital? Technology as an interagency tool in the Central African Republic

The conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) has been raging for over a year with violence, often linked to religious affiliation, involving rape, murder, torture, pillaging and the destruction of property.

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Scaling humanitarian solutions to new heights

In an age where humanitarian crises have displaced 65 million, effective and efficient action is paramount. The Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) system not only does just that, it also has the potential to transform humanitarian aid service delivery.

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World Vision – LMMS Brings Humanitarian Agencies in Iraq Together

“This is the way to go. The process is easy and transparent”, said UNICEF Head of Office in Iraq, Abdijabar Hassan Dini, upon witnessing how World Vision’s Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) was used…

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