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Last Mile Mobile Solutions, LMMS provides the ability to make a difference in cash based programming and to distribute electronic value to beneficiaries through mobile phones,  cards and e-voucher. It is instrumental in expediting distribution and restoring dignity to beneficiaries through direct purchase access at assigned merchants and traders, and simultaneously strengthening the community.


LMMS accommodates electronic cash transfers through digital channels. The flexible software can define payment partners and payment mediums dynamically, meaning aid agencies can use LMMS to automatically calculate payments to be distributed to aid recipients through third party financial service providers. This includes banks, mobile network operators, payment network operators (such as MasterCard and Visa), remittance agencies and proprietary vendors using their own cash-based transfer solutions.

  • Fast distribution via electronic means
  • Mobile Cash
  • Mobile vouchers deployable in any country regardless of telephone networks
  • E-Voucher solution is our own closed loop standalone payment platform, available online, and also a fully offline solution. Provides the ability to deliver cash programmes to beneficiaries, enabling full end-to-end digitized tracking of transactions. video
  • Full capability to manage paper vouchers, and cash for work (CFW) modalities.
  • Solution deployable for conditional or unconditional aid programs, as well as targeted feeding
  • Supports local community businesses and development of local market
  • Beneficiaries are allocated a PIN and a scratch off card containing several validation codes
  • Data is synchronized across Field Officer app, e-Voucher and Merchant POS App
  • Can be used through basic phone or smart card