Innovative Mobile Tracking Technology to Manage Resources, Gifts In Kind (GIK) in World Vision Zambia

By Agatha Mali, Communications, Zambia

Bringing innovation to our work through Mobile Tracking Technology. To improve the management of Gifts In Kind (GIK) resources, World Vision Zambia recently held a Last Mile Mobile Solution (LMMS) training for field office Gifts In Kind (GIK) users to effectively utilize the Item Tracking System module for GIK programming and local procurements, both for Area Programmes and Projects.

The five-days training which was held in Lusaka, Zambia brought together GIK users from different Area Programmes (APs) including GIK focal persons, AP Managers and AP Accountants.

Speaking during the training, World Vision Zambia Global Technology and Digital IT Solutions manager Wakunuma Kalimukwa said the development of the new LMMS Item Tracking System (ITS) module within Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS) addresses many historical challenges such as audit concerns that are associated with the None Tracking Systems.

He said the organization has been relying on the NonFood Items Tracking System (NTS) as a monitoring tool to handle the substantial volumes of GIK inventory received by the National office over the years.


“Very soon, GIK end-users and other departments or projects will phase out the system and will fully integrate the ITS into all In-Kind tracking processes,” said Mr. Kalimukwa.

He added that the ITS empowers field staff to track the entire process, from the registration of the goods in the warehouses up to the beneficiaries’ distribution.

Gifts In Kind Manager, Mr. Fred Mazumba said the introduction of LMMS will be beneficial to GIK as it will lessen the challenges that GIK end-users faced but will in turn enhance productivity and a proper reporting system.

He said the Non-Food Tracking system was limited and lowly utilized and did not provide the desired reports. “The Non-Food Tracking system was not showing us how the resources were contributing to our programming and it was not giving us the kind of reports we hoped to see.”

Mr. Mazumba said the Last Mile Mobile Solution system will help to improve the management of resources and will replace paperwork as users will be able to use it on mobile devices.

The LMMS system has offline functionalities that enable staff to work in areas where is internet inaccessible.

Mr. Mazumba says the system is time efficient and has advantages that will enhance GIK management accountability and enable tracking distribution of items for the well-being of children.

“Technical support of the system is being provided by both National Office Global Technology Digital solutions (GTD) and global,” said Mr. Mazumba. 

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